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Tabletop noodle machine is put on the table and use the noodle machine, beautiful shape, compact structure, low noise and other features, is a good choice for families have small restaurants.
Stainless steel noodle barrel, clean and hygienic.
Gear belt drive, long service life.
Simple and reasonable structure, easy to operate.
Positive transmission can be flipped, noodle barrel can be flipped.
Family application.
Tabletop electric dough mixer series with beautiful appearance, ideal for home use and small commercial use. Belt and gear drive, perfect structure and stable quality, free your hands to make the dough easier.
The capacity of this mixer is 2kg/5L, and it is easy and safe to operate with lid buckle design, reversible bucket and positioning pins. We provide customization service for material, motor, plug, manual, packaging, etc.

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Yongkang Haiou Electric Co., Ltd.

We are one of the China Tabletop Electric Dough Mixers Manufacturers and Tabletop Electric Dough Mixers factory. We are located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, close to Yiwu Port, and only 3 hours' drive from Ningbo Port. Our geographical location is superior and the transportation is convenient.
We have our own independent R&D department, which can provide customized design according to the target price of customers. We have established a complete quality control system to meet customer requirements. Our products have high cost performance and quality assurance.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

Tabletop electric dough mixers are kitchen appliances that are designed to mix and knead dough. They are ideal for home bakers, small bakeries, or anyone who wants to make bread or other baked goods at home. These mixers come in different sizes and capacities, from small countertop models to larger commercial models.
The basic design of a tabletop electric dough mixer consists of a mixing bowl, a motor, and a set of beaters or hooks. The bowl is typically made of stainless steel or glass, and it sits on a base that houses the motor. The beaters or hooks are attached to the motor and rotate inside the bowl to mix and knead the dough.
Tabletop electric dough mixers can be used for a variety of doughs, including bread dough, pizza dough, and pastry dough. They are also useful for making whipped cream, frosting, and other mixtures that require thorough mixing.
When choosing a tabletop electric dough mixer, it is important to consider the size of the mixer and the amount of dough you will be making. You should also look for a model that has a powerful motor and multiple speed settings, as well as durable beaters or hooks that can handle heavy dough.

When purchasing a tabletop electric dough mixer, there are several features you should consider. Here are some of the most important ones:
Motor power: The power of the motor determines how efficiently the mixer can handle heavy dough. Look for a mixer with a motor that has at least 500 watts of power for best results.
Capacity: The capacity of the mixer refers to the amount of dough it can handle at one time. Consider how much dough you will be making and choose a mixer with a capacity that meets your needs.
Speed settings: A mixer with multiple speed settings allows you to adjust the speed depending on the type of dough you are mixing. Look for a mixer with at least three speed settings.
Mixing attachments: Dough mixers typically come with a set of mixing attachments such as beaters, dough hooks, and whisks. Consider which attachments you will need for the type of dough you will be making.
Bowl material: The bowl can be made of stainless steel or glass. Stainless steel bowls are more durable and easier to clean, while glass bowls allow you to see the dough as it mixes.
Size and weight: Consider the size and weight of the mixer, especially if you have limited counter space. A larger mixer may be more powerful, but it may also be more difficult to store.
Ease of cleaning: Look for a mixer with removable and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Noise level: Some mixers can be quite noisy, especially if they have a powerful motor. Consider the noise level if you will be using the mixer frequently.
By considering these features, you can choose a tabletop electric dough mixer that meets your needs and helps you make perfect dough every time.
There are several safety concerns to keep in mind when using a tabletop electric dough mixer. Here are some of the most important ones:
Electrical hazards: The mixer operates on electricity, which means there is a risk of electric shock if it is not used properly. Make sure the mixer is properly grounded and that the cord and plug are in good condition before using it. Avoid using the mixer near water or in wet conditions.
Moving parts: The mixer has moving parts that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Always turn off the mixer and unplug it before attempting to remove the beaters, dough hooks, or other attachments. Keep long hair and loose clothing away from the moving parts.
Overloading the mixer: Overloading the mixer with too much dough can cause the motor to overheat, which can be a fire hazard. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maximum dough capacity, and never try to mix more dough than the mixer is designed to handle.
Burns: The mixer can become hot during use, especially if it has been running for a long time. Be careful when touching the mixer or its attachments, and avoid touching the hot parts with bare hands.
Cleaning: Always unplug the mixer before cleaning it, and use caution when handling the blades and other sharp or pointed parts. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the mixer, and avoid using abrasive cleaners that can scrtch the surface or damage the motor.
By following these safety guidelines, you can minimize the risks of using a tabletop electric dough mixer and enjoy the benefits of this convenient kitchen appliance.