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Features of pasta maker

Pasta maker is a food machine that mixes flour and water evenly to replace traditional manual kneading.
The product has advanced structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and high working efficiency. All parts contacting food are made of stainless steel or have special surface treatment. It can be repeatedly pressed to strengthen the dough and gluten after mixing. The light belt pulley is used to decelerate the chain drive, which is compact in structure, convenient in operation and powerful in power. Hopper and receiving plate are clean, safe and durable. Low noise, high efficiency, used for making noodles, wonton peel, cakes, bread and other pastry products. It is a special machine for making pastries. It repeatedly kneads and rolls the flour processed, giving full play to the strength of flour gluten, greatly increasing the pressure and performance strength of noodles, and achieving good effects of boiling resistance and breaking resistance. It meets the requirements of national health standards and is suitable for making noodles in hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, unit canteens and individual catering industries.
The pasta maker greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff.
The company's series of products adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer first", actively use advanced production equipment, establish a complete quality assurance system, strictly pay attention to each pass of production, and the quality has been improved year by year. "Seagull" brand household food machinery has been rated as "Famous Product of China Hardware Expo" for several consecutive times.